The myPet Flash Fiction Competition – The Winners!

Flash fiction competition for Shoreline of Infinity Readers
myPet – The Winners!

We asked:

“Bring the pet of your science fictional imagination to life.”

And you responded with some astonishing tales, not all of them referencing cats. We are pleased to announce


Jesse Rowell – I Know How This Ends


Dom Barlow – [Omni]Pet

Nathan Susnik – The Tan One

A few word from the judges on I Know How This Ends

“While all the submissions this year were fantastic pieces of writing, there were a number which had a unique effect with the judges. Of those, picking a finalist was extraordinarily difficult. All displayed a wonderful array of themes. Many were emotional and some were hilarious but all were poignant. Each writer displayed fantastic technical ability, wit and dedication to their craft.

Picking a winner of the competition came through much debate, arguing and table-throwing but, eventually, I Know How This Ends emerged. Displaying an excellent thematic architecture through its hermit-crab based metaphor, analysing the state of humanity and its current or futuristic dwellings, this piece is one that will stay with the judges. It’s poignant take on the humanity as space explorer and introverted-techie tropes were excellent twists on sci-fiction conventions, giving its reader food-for-thought for many moons to come.”

Jesse Rowell wins £50 and his story was read live by the actor Debbie Cannon at Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon on 7th December 2022.

You can enjoy Debbie’s reading on our Youtube channel: Event Horizon: The End of Days. (this link will take you straight to the story- scroll back if you want to watch Eris Young announcing the winners.)


All three prize winners receive this copy of print copy of Shoreline of Infinity, and a year’s subscription to digital Shoreline of Infinity Magazine.

Thanks go to every writer who submitted a story, and for entertaining us with so many different varieties of pets – some we’d love to bring home, others…not so much.

I’d very much like to thank our wonderful judging panel, made up from Masters Students studying Creative Writing at Napier University, Edinburgh. Thanks go to: Beck O’Leary, Emma Bryant, Fraser Cornford, Grace Hicks, Jennifer Litherland, Laura Scappaticci, Minou Yuille, Peter Mackie, Weston Richards.

You can order a copy of Shoreline of Infinity 33 from here, in print and digital formats.