The Past and the Future Collide

Beltane Festival
Beltane Festival, Edinburgh. Pic by ‘Debs’

A few miles away from here, as I’m typing this, the Beltane Fire Festival and Samhuinn Fire Festival is happening on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. It’s a glorious mix of Pagan and modern arts, dance and music, and lots and lots of fire. It runs through the night, ending with the rising of the sun tomorrow, 1st May 2015. One of these years I’ll make the effort and go, meanwhile I’ll follow their suggestion and follow it online via Twitter, Facebook and all the other delights of the modern age.  It’s like watching the past and future crash together in the Large Hadron Collider of the now.

I mention it here because it reminds me why I read Science Fiction: banging those ideas together at near the speed of light and watching the new formed particles dance in a cloud chamber of words.


And that’s what I’m doing this evening; reading more of these fantastic stories submitted to Shoreline of Infinity. If you’re a writer who has submitted but not heard yet, hang in there – we’re getting to you.

We had planned to re-open for story submission tomorrow on the 1st of May, but we have been overwhelmed with some great new stories. We now have enough for a couple of issues, and we feel it wouldn’t be fair to make you wait for even longer before we got back to you.

We’re working on Issue 1 at the moment, and we want to focus on that to get it right. We will re-open for submissions in September ready to accept stories for 2016 and beyond, when we get into our quarterly publishing cycle.

So, back to the stories, and editing an interview by one of Britain’s best SF writers that will also feature in Issue 1.

How can you help? The best way is to subscribe at our remarkably good value subscription rates and join us around our own fire on the Shoreline of Infinity, (and tweet or Facebook to all your friends).

– Noel Chidwick