Why the Shoreline of Infinity?

Because that’s where we are. Humankind has trampled our way across the lands, and now we are mooching about on the sands, squinting out across the Ocean of Infinity before us. And we don’t know what to do.

Help is at hand.

Science Fiction has always asked the big questions, more so than in any other form of literature. Where have we come from? Where are we going? Where do we want to be? What’s going to happen? How will we cope? What’s the story?

And there’s no doubt scientists have been influenced by SF, as much as science is a source of inspiration for SF writers.

Arthur C Clarke said back in 1970:

One of the biggest roles of science fiction is to prepare people to accept the future without pain and to encourage a flexibility of mind. Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories.

The Making of Kubrick’s 2001 (1970)

And that still holds true as we consider the effects of climate change and stripping the Earth’s resources beyond its means. And the rest.

And that’s why Shoreline of Infinity. We want stories that explore that uncertain future. We want to play around with the big ideas and the little ones. We want writers to tell us stories to inspire us, give us hope, provide some laughs. Or to scare the stuffing out of us. We want good stories: we want to be entertained, here on the Shoreline. We want to read how people cope in our exotic new world, we want to be in their minds, in their bodies, in their souls.

As we sit around the fire of driftwood, sparks floating to mingle with the stars in the sky, we can share these tales, and remember one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings is our infinitely expandable imagination and sense of wonder.

If you want to join us as we look across the expanse of Infinity, please dip your hand into your virtual pocket and subscribe. If you have the skills to put your sense of wonder into words, nip over to the Submission pages and send us your best piece.

-Noel Chidwick, Editor
Edinburgh, Scotland

Shoreline Logo Block 600wAnd when we look into that driftwood fire, we see the images of our future mythology, and images will play a big part in the distinctive nature of Shoreline. Scotland is home to a wonderful community of science fiction artists, better known abroad than in their own country.

The glossy comics, the blockbuster movies all have more than a few Scottish contributors in the visual department. A case in point is our own Dave Alexander who has given us the banner under which our stories can be told. His back catalogue of movie visualisations and SF comics is impressive and inspiring and we hope he will fire up our writers’ imaginations.

I have been in discussions with Dave and many other outstanding Scottish artists and their colleagues in the SF field and we hope to astound you with illustrations, covers and a great poster shop. Expect the unexpected, as the Terrahawks used to say.

-Mark Toner, Art Director,
Dumfries, Scotland