Words From the Flames

The first task was to gather stories.

Shoreline Card 455pxWe put out a couple of Tweets at the end of January, then a few days later contacted all the writers’ magazines, website and other creative sites we thought relevant. It’s just over a month later now, and we’ve been overwhelmed with a great variety of stories on all sorts of themes – written Science Fiction is hale and hearty.

It’s a real pleasure to read these stories and select those which match what we’re looking for. We have chosen the stories we want for the first issue, and we’ve commissioned an artist to design its cover.

We’ve especially enjoyed reading stories from new and unpublished writers, and that is something we’re definitely keen to encourage around the campfire here at the Shoreline of Infinity. We’re also dead chuffed that we have attracted submissions from all over the world. Brilliant.

And we’ve received some positive and encouraging messages too; thanks folks, we do appreciate them. We’ve also received some great help and support from all sorts of people – thanks to all of you!

We do have a few other ideas brewing up in the pot over the fire, including a story from an unlikely source. We’ll reveal more next month, when we’ll also be letting you know how you can support Shoreline of Infinity and by so doing support new writings and art in Science Fiction.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts – please contact us (there’s a form on our website), or just say hello. We have a twitter feed, and a Facebook page too.


Meanwhile, here’s a month for your diaries – June 2015. That’s when Issue 1 will appear, with issue 2 released in December 2015. We plan to publish quarterly in 2016 and beyond.



Any road, back to the stories.


– Noel Chidwick & Mark Toner

Editorial team