2019 Flash Fiction Competition: A Twist of Reality – The Winners!


Simon Fung – Those Who live by the Shawarma


Emma Levin – Search History

Anna Ziegelhof – Dimenso-yarn Ad Copy, draft 

We’re delighted to announce the winner of the 2019 Shoreline of Infinity Flash Fiction Competition.

Simon’s story is a worthy winner – here’s what the judges say:

“A great twist on reality – and science fiction. I enjoyed the structure. The ability to reduce the twist into one paragraph at the very end, and to do so with such impact on the rest shone through remarkably. However, for me, it was the creativity in producing a twist, utterly bizarre yet completely relatable and comprehensible, which won this prize.”

“A great story I have read over and over again and has been lingering in my mind even now. Well done.”

“There is something truly admirable for when a story can sneak up on you as much as an event can sneak up on a character – I was drawn into a false sense of security reading this story and will be haunted by it for months to come!”

On Anna’s tale:

“The interesting and unique structure feels as though there are multiple stories going on at once. But better yet, well executed because it remains comprehensible and engaging.”

“Creative in content, style, and tone,  this story is unlike any piece I’d read before. This piece is truly unique and addictive to read, but even after the tenth time, it doesn’t lose its charm or humour!”

Emma’s short piece:

“Great structure. A definite twist on the short story, told through the protagonist’s search history. The cyclicity also left an interesting twist at the end for me to think about.”

“This story is a hilarious piece, drawing on our innate curiosity and stubbornness during the DIY process!”

Simon Fung wins a cash prize of £50 and a a one-year subscription to the digital edition of Shoreline of Infinity magazine. Emma Levin and Anna Zeigelhof receive  a one-year subscription to the digital edition of Shoreline of Infinity.

All three stories will be published in Shoreline of Infinity 17, due for publication in January 2020.

Thanks go to our judges:

Dodo Charles, Emma Hughes, Elizabeth Park, Tamara Price, Eryn Rigley, Rachel Wood

the brilliant students taking English Literature at Edinburgh University.

They took to the task with diligence and commitment, and proved to be very perceptive in their comments.

Also thanks go to Dr Simon Malpas, Senior Lecturer of Edinburgh University who organised and supported the team of judges. Also thanks to Pippa Goldschmidt for her ‘how to be a story competition judge’ talk at the first meeting of the judges.

Flash Fiction 2020 – watch out for details for this year’s flash fiction competition in June 2020.

 —Noel Chidwick
Shoreline of Infinity