Submissions – Artwork


The art of Shoreline of InfinityIn keeping with our desire to make Shoreline of Infinity the best quality SF magazine available, we  work with a highly skilled team of artists to make sure each story is lovingly illustrated and that each issue is respectably dressed with an inspiring cover. Our readers can enjoy the immersive experience of reading the stories while surrounded by the art. We never use off the shelf artwork, every piece is created just for us.

How To Join The Art Team

The Art Team is composed of user members of Shoreline of Infinity Group, the co-operative that runs the magazine and other projects. Shortly we will have an application form on this website for joining the co-op and you should make your first approach through that.

Artists’ Rights

Members of our co-op share in the profits of each project in which they participate. They also retain intellectual property rights over everything they create.