7 Days To Publish MILK

Original artwork for H2O – O by Stref

There are only seven days left for you to support the publication of our latest project, the graphic novel MILK by comkic artist Stref. We’ve added three more rewards for the lucky supporters of this fantastic book. If you pledge enough, you could be the proud owner of some of the original artwork that went into this amazing comic.

Dusk of the Dead

The three stories that are represented in this wonderful offer are alien adventure “H2O – O”, scary undead story “Dusk of the Dead” and the futuristic “CITY”,


To have a chance of winning one of these, go to the MILK Kickstarter page. Choose a beautifully and lovingly created reward. Then click PLEDGE.

We’re nearly there. Help us get the rest of the way and bring MILK into the world.