Shoreline of Infinity shortlisted for British Fantasy Awards 2020

Shoreline of Infinity has again been shortlisted for Best Magazine / Periodical in the British Fantasy Awards 2020. This is fantastic news, and we are honoured and proud. We are in fine company with all the other shortlistees – see British Fantasy Awards for the full list. This nomination is a tribute to the whole […]

Kickstarting MILK, by comic artist Stref

We are Kickstarting a graphic novel by comic artist Stref, also known as Peter Pan artist Stephen White. Stevie has produced a wonderful new edition of his showcase anthology MILK. It is gorgeously illustrated in a wide range of SF art styles and the stories are fresh and original, just the way you would want […]

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, by Christopher Paolini

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Christopher Paolini 878 pages Tor Review by Andrew Chidwick Ever since the days of Tolkien, maps have been a beloved staple of the fantasy genre. Christopher Paolini’s earlier work, the YA fantasy series The Inheritance Cycle, took place in a scaled down version of Middle Earth, for which […]

New Releases and new Event Horizons

Cover of Biopolis Tales of Urban Biology Biopolis: Tales of Urban Biology Edited by Larissa Pschetz, Jane McKie, and Elise Cachat.

We’ve not been idle here at Shoreline of Infinity. We have two publications coming out in the next few weeks, and you can pre-order them now.

One Love Chigusa by Soji Shimada

One Love ChigusaSoji Shimada (Author), David Warren (Translator)Red Circle, 115 pagesReview by Noel Chidwick You’ve had a major motorbike accident, and your body is ripped to pieces. You’re salvaged, and most of your body is replaced by metal and plastic, your memories handed back to you on a hard drive. Just how human are you? What happens to love? That’s […]

LitRPG Showcase

Explore the newly-exploding genre of Literary RPGs

Find out about LitRPGs, a newly-exploding genre of fiction set in video-gaming worlds. Publisher (Portal Books) Taran Matharu talks about the genre, with readings from Russell Jones, Jonathan Smidt and Jay Boyce.

8pm, Thursday 20th August 2020