Shoreline of Infinity is Evolving…

Introducing the monthly Shoreline of Infinity Science Fiction Magazine.

From March 2021 we’ll be publishing a digital edition of Shoreline of Infinity every month, and in June and December we’ll be publishing a printed edition.

We are Still Here – Anya Ow

“The tourist screamed when they saw me, which was always hurtful. “You don’t have a visa,” I told them as I stayed partly submerged in the warm water. “Turn around.” ”

Singularity – Davide Mana

“Of the things that could go wrong while crocheting, opening a portal had seemed like a low probability.”

Odette – Zen Cho

“But Odette divined the house’s secrets. Nooks under staircases and crannies between sofas and walls … Columns of light that moved around the house, picking whatever room suited their fancy.”