Beating the Bugs with Event Horizon Online

For our first online event we are joined by

Ken MacLeod

Jane Yolen

Cat Hellisen

and Russell Jones who sets us on our way with a poem or two, a story and a bad, bad joke.

Come join us at Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon Online. 

We received an email from one of regulars at Event Horizon. It said simply: “I miss you all and hope you are staying safe and well.”

We miss you to, and hope you are staying safe and well.

We enjoy our regular Event Horizon, our science fiction cabaret, brought down low with all the other cancellations of live events worldwide. On the 12th March we’d just settled into our new home of the Pleasance Cabaret Bar here in Edinburgh, but it turns out it was one of the last live events before the curtains closed, and we all had to return to our homes.

What to do? Why, like everything else on the planet, we’re going online, where the nasty COVID-19s can’t get us.

Event Horizon Online is an online science fiction cabaret, and it’s coming to a computer, a tablet or a phone very near you. We’re inviting writers, poets and other performers to video their science fiction al or fantasy thing, and and send it to us. We will post it on our virtual stage and you can watch it at your leisure.

Every Thursday, at 8.30pm, we will be posting the latest pieces. We’ll be doing this until we all emerge blinking into the light when the last of the COVIDs lies dying on its blackened shell in the burnt out streets of the Capital.

This is free, but if you do want to donate a little something, funds will be going to support the costs of this, something to the performer, and also to a homeless charity here in Edinburgh.

If you are a published writer and would like to send us a piece, contact us via the contact form with your suggestion.

We are also working on live online Event Horizons too. More details to come, but your suggestions are welcome on our online Events.

Come join us at Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon Online