Cymera-Shoreline Prize for new Scottish SFF&H writers

Cymera, Scotland’s Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Writing and Shoreline of Infinity, Scotland’s award-winning science fiction magazine are teaming up again to host our short story competition in our quest to discover new writing talent right here in Scotland.

Our Theme: Roots

Where do we come from? Do our origins shape us? Will that cutting from that plant ever grow roots?

Remember, we are looking for a speculative story. Explore this future world through the eyes of your character, tell us their story.

The Awards

The Cymera Prize for Speculative Short Fiction is open to any unpublished writer living in Scotland at least 14 years of age.

Submissions are open until 6pm GMT on Sunday 3rd April 2022.

The prize for the best story: £100.

Full details and the submissions form is available at Cymera-Shoreline of Infinity Prize for Speculative Short Fiction 2022