Send us your Piece

Would you like to feature on Event Horizon Online? Then send us your Piece.

An Event Horizon Online Piece is 5-12 minutes video of you performing your work. We’re putting out the invite to published writers, but other performers are welcome to submit: actors, musicians, puppets, artists, magicians…

We have one requirement: it must be science fiction or fantasy based. If in doubt, contact us to enquire.

We are aiming Event Horizon at published writers in the first instance: in these weird times when events, conventions, festivals and book launches are cancelled, we are hoping that EHO will become a useful platform to help writers spread their message, and also entertain.

Not everything submitted will be used: we will let you know one way or another as soon as we can. This is something of an experiment, so your patience and understanding are appreciated. As are comments and suggestions.

We are running this as an experiment first, but any donations would be welcome – see the big red donation button down there.