Flash Fiction Competition for Shoreline of Infinity Readers 2020

The judges have chosen the top 13 to go into the final choosing.This year’s competition – based on the desire for a little light relief in these days of covid-19 and pre-apocalypse – found many of you out there with a sense of humour and a will to write. The judging panel and I are grateful for all of your entries, which raised smiles, produced chuckles and generated guffaws, and made us feel the better for it.

The judging panel this year are students on the MA in Creative Writing at Napier University . You may recognise the names of the tutors for this course: David Bishop, Laura (Goldilocks) Lam and Daniel Shand. Shoreline of Infinity has published a number of stories from writers who have graduated from this course, so we were very delighted when students from the current bunch volunteered to become the judging  panel.

The members of the judging panel this year are:

Aileen Brady, Rob Briggs, Barry Didcock, Makenzie Petroccia, Stephanie Stewart, Ellie Sivins

The panel convened last night and revealed their choice Top 13 to go into the final round. So, writers, take a bow if your name is in this list:

Michael Cecconi– the fate of all mankind
Ben Fisher – The Curse of William Shatner
Michael Hatchett – Self.Check.Out
Jeff Hunter – The Carry Oot
Raymond Lane – My Pet Jeff
Lindz McLeod – The Metaverse
Lee Melling – How Ulysses became the first intergalactic Bestseller
Joel Scoberg Evans – Drunk Scentless
Dale Shank – Christmas Letter – This Will Explain Everything
CS Simpson – Sighting
Michael Teasdale – The deadly art of laughter
Anna Ziegelhof – Spark Event Log
Christopher Witty – Hard Boiled Egge

For those who did not make this list, fear not – your endeavours were truly appreciated, and your stories enjoyed.

The judges will now go away and ponder the 13 stories. The winner and the two runners-up will be announced live online on the 26th November at our Event Horizon to launch Shoreline of Infinity 19. The winning stories will be published in this issue.

Noel Chidwick