Flash Fiction Competition for Shoreline of Infinity Readers

Fifty years ago, in December 1968, three astronauts circled the Moon for the first time. In this, our second annual flash fiction competition, we are looking for flash fiction science fiction stories on the the theme of 


It could be any moon, in any time, in any space, and it’s up to you who — or what — we meet.

Just remember, Shoreline of Infinity is a science fiction(ish) magazine, and your story must be science-fictional.

Prizes: £40 for the winning story plus 1 year digital subscription to Shoreline of Infinity. Two runners-up will receive 1 year digital subscription to Shoreline of Infinity.

The top three stories will be published in Shoreline of Infinity –  all three finalists will receive a print copy of this edition.


The best stories submitted will be published in 2019 in an anthology, and each contributor will receive a digital copy and a pro-rata share of the royalties.

The Detail

Maximum 1,000 words.

Maximum 2 stories per submitter.

Deadline for entries: midnight (UK time) 30th September 2018.

There’s no entry fee but you will be asked to enter a secret code word obtainable only from reading issue 12 of Shoreline of Infinity:

you will be asked to enter the second word of the second paragraph of a randomly selected story in Issue 12 when you submit your story.

What to Submit

Submit a neatly formatted manuscript using Times 12 point double-spaced in Word format (.doc docx). Please use the submission process here – emailed manuscripts will be ignored.

Submit only one story at a time.

Response Time

We will announce the winners in issue 14 of Shoreline of Infinity, published in March 2019, and live at our Event Horizon, in Edinburgh,

Good luck, everybody!