Free Lockdown Download – The Chosen From the First Age

Here’s a way you can escape your enforced indoorsness into another world – another dozen worlds, no less.

Head off to The Chosen from the First Age and you can download the digital editions of the collection of a choice selection from the first 11 issues of Shoreline of Infinity Magazine. We have:

Bo Balder – Shaker Look
Thomas Clark– Incoming
Ephiny Gale– Little Freedoms
Caroline Grebbell – Model Organisms
Ken MacLeod – The Last Word
Tim Major – The Walls of Tithonium Chasma
M Luke McDonell – See You Later
Jeannette Ng – Goddess With A Human Heart
David Perlmutter – The Brat and the Burly Qs
Nathan Susnik – The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose)
Andrew J Wilson – The Stilt-Men of the Lunar Swamps

Still here? Off you pop: The Chosen from the First Age