Girding up our Loins*

Cover Issue 1Around a month to go before we publish issue 1 of Shoreline of Infinity and preparations are well under way. Shoreline of Infinity  will be available as an ebook for Kindle, iBooks and all the main ebook readers, and it will be available as a real, fling across the room publication from our own website or via Amazon.

And if you order Issue 1 or subscribe before 1st June you will not only be saving money to spend on other SF, but we will immortalise you by adding your name to the growing list of Friends and Supporters** that we will be publishing in Issue 1.

Or not: we are also grateful to those souls who prefer to retain their modesty. We’ve received a great response so far, so if you are an early subscriber, many thanks, and may your descendants rule many worlds – benignly, of course.

So now we can reveal a few teasers of what to look out for in issue 1.

Firstly we can raise up a flaming brand and reveal to you the front cover of Issue 1. Our cover artist is Bill Wright, and we’re dead grateful that he has taken our brief and come up with something special. Come gather round the flames: there’s room for all here at the Shoreline of Infinity.

We have a bunch of stories by some cracking writers: Colleen Anderson; Alex Barr;  John Buchan; Richmond A Clements; Larry Ivkovich; Joseph L Kellogg; M Luke McDonell; Guy T Martland; David Perlmutter and  Claire Simpson. Take a bow one and all. They’ve arrived at the Shoreline from lands both near and far.

We are extremely delighted that Charles Stross agreed to an interview in our inaugural issue, and he guides us with his thoughts on SF, writing and—well you’ll find out soon enough.

We’re also starting what we hope will develop into an interesting feature: SF Caledonia, where we begin to explore Science Fiction from Scotland. And yes, that is  John The-Thirty-Nine-Steps Buchan in our list of authors.

Chuffed  we are with the artists our Art Director Mark Toner has gathered together to illustrate  every one of our stories – we’ve attracted some great drawing talent out there, and they help issue 1 sing out.

And there are other choice matters in prospect, which we’ll reveal in due course.

If you haven’t ordered Shoreline of Infinity yet, please do so at

If you have subscribed, you are allowed to be as smug as you like.

But seriously, thanks for your support: much appreciated, and we look forward to hearing what you think.

Noel Chidwick Editor-in-Chief
Mark Toner Art Director

*How to gird up your loins

**Friends and Supporters deserve their well earned first letter capitalisation