Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Scotland’s only science fiction magazine, Shoreline of Infinity.

This time last year Shoreline of Infinity didn’t exist except in the contorted imaginations of myself and Mark Toner, my friend, collaborator, co-founder and now Art Director.

We had a clear vision for the magazine, which you can see on our Why? page, and a year later that virtual reality is now real reality: we have two issues published, and work is progressing on number 3. We have also published a digital chapbook for Christmas and as a present to our mailing list subscribers, and we have also spawned Event Horizon—regular live science fiction events in Edinburgh. So, a busy year, and 2016 is looking to be just as eventful.


We were very pleased with our calls for submissions, and we received some great stories from all over the world which we are proud to publish.

Surprisingly, we had far fewer stories from female writers than male writers, and the proportion shows up—roughly—in our first issues. We have no idea why this is, and although we have no plans to positively discriminate, we do encourage women writers to submit to Shoreline.

Submissions are open again, but we do strongly suggest that if you are going to submit, do make sure you read an issue of Shoreline first, to make sure your story is the kind of tale we are looking for.


Mark and I were keen from the off to ensure that artwork featured prominently in Shoreline of Infinity, and we have been blessed with some stunning pieces. We started off with Dave Alexander’s beautifully poignant spacesuited being staring out into Infinity at the top of our website. And Bill Wright’s cover for Issue 1 conveys exactly what we are trying to do with the magazine: everyone is welcome around the fire here at the Shoreline of Infinity. Sara L’s glorious cover for Issue 2 takes us onwards.


She’s reading Shoreline of Infinity – honest.

And our favourite group of people is the one you belong to: the gentle readers. You are the ones who make the magazine possible; with your kind words and comments about Shoreline, and also with your desire to support us by buying the magazine. We think it is important to pay our writers and artists: your money goes towards that goal.

With that in mind we are looking at ways to improve the magazine. We will be opening up new ways to help fund the magazine, and crowdfunding and patreon support are high on the list.

If you have any suggestions to help develop the magazine we want to hear from you: drop us a note on our contact page.

Shoreline of Infinity familyThe Shoreline Family

Mark and I were the starting point, but we hoped to draft in support for the magazine to help it grow. We couldn’t wish for better when Russell Jones came along in May last year and offered his services initially as Poetry Editor, and thence to general magazine duties as reader and story editor, and now also coordinator for our live Event Horizons. We’ve also been joined by Iain Maloney as our Reviews Editor; he has taken up his duty now, and his work will be visible from Issue 3. Both Russell and Iain are fine writers: I strongly suggest you read their books now. We also have the multi-skilled Monica Burns. Not only does she illustrate, but she has joined the family as a reader to help us pick the diamonds.

We’re also blessed with assorted contributions so thanks to our growing band of reviewers and to Steve Green for his columns and Paul F Cockburn for kicking off SF Caledonia.

We are a growing family, and there’s still room to join us: we’re always looking for artists, reviewers, and we do have one space for another reader to help us choose our stories. If you have a set of skills that you think would help the magazine, or help us get the word out, drop us a note on the contact page.

Event Horizons

An unexpected, but warmly welcome addition to the Shoreline ‘brand’ as it were. We hold monthly science fiction events in Edinburgh every last Thursday of the month. These are a mix of music, readings, poetry, talks, films,  and oh who knows what. Come along to Deadhead Comics in Edinburgh. An Event Horizon is also available to you: we can put on an Event Horizon as part of your conference, event or happening.

Beachcomber is also reading Shoreline of Infinity

Forwards to Infinity, and perhaps around the other side.

The magazine is our flagstarship, and we are looking forward to develop it this year. Our talented Art Director Mr Toner has created the Beachcomber, a comic character who will appear in Issue 3 to help us rediscover some classic science fiction from times past.

Do you have something science fictional to say? Submit a piece to Shoreline on Sunday, our blog for guest posts.

And we have some other publishing projects up our sleeves too.

If you do like what we do, and want to support us, the best and simplest way is to subscribe to Shoreline and tell all your friends.

Time to crack on—magazines don’t publish themselves you know.