How are we doing?

How Are we Doing So Far?

How Are We Doing?
  • We'd like to know what you think so far about Shoreline of Infinity - we're always keen to hear what you think, what you enjoy, what you’d like us to change, and what you would like to see us do. You don't have to leave your details, but if you do we'll put your name into a prize draw and the winner will be give a £20 voucher to spend in our online shop.
  • Event Horizon

  • If you have been to an Event Horizon...
  • What do you think about the venue (currently Frankentein's)? What do you like/dislike? What would improve the experience for you?
  • So far, we have kept the entry fee to free, relying on the sales from the raffle to pay for expenses. Participants do not get paid, and this is something we would like to change - how much would you be willing to pay?
  • Shoreline of Infinity Magazine

  • If you have read an issue of Shoreline of Infinity Science Fiction Magazine...
  • Is there anything more you want to tell us?
  • If you want to be entered into the prize-draw, please let us know who you are.
  • We'd love to know where you are in this world, or if you're just passing by.
  • If we have any questions, would you be happy to discuss your comments further? We will only contact you if you tick 'Yes' here.
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