How to be a Patron of the Arts

Thanks to the wonders of Shoreline of Infinity, you can now become a patron of the arts. Why settle for a mere subscription to the multiverse’s premier magazine when you can also get your name in it?

The Mighty Big 'P' for PatreonWe have just launched our Patreon campaign which allows you, the readers, to become sponsors of our writers and artists, ensuring they get paid well and that the world continues to benefit from their mighty efforts. Get your name in our hall of heroes for a mere $1 monthly pledge. If you can spare a bit more, you could sponsor a story … an illustration … a comic! … the cover! … the WHOLE MAGAZINE!

The whole crazy scheme is over on our Patreon page where you can find the details and benefits of becoming an Esteemed Reader or a Potent Protector of the Written Word.

So don’t just buy a piece of science fiction history, be a part of science fiction history. Be a patron of the arts! Sponsor Shoreline of Infinity!