Infinity Launched!

And we’re off.

We had a great night at the Paradise Palms in Edinburgh on Thursday 2nd July, with a mix of words, music, poetry and cocktails. Our new Assistant Editor, Poet and Writer Russell Jones, played a blinder as the host for the evening as well as reading some of his own work.

The night was a rare chance for our band Painted Ocean to be given an outing to perform SF songs such as Fahrenheit 451, Sunjammer and Player of Games. I say ‘our’ band’ as it just so happens that the Editor of Shoreline of Infinity happens to be the singer and guitarist, and the Art Director is the synths player.

IMG_0627We were enthralled and entertained by Claire Askew and Ryan Van Winkle who performed their works for an enthusiastic crowd.

Debbie Cannon had the audience in the palm of her hand as she read one of the stories from Issue One of Shoreline of Infinity, Symbiosis, by Colleen Anderson.

And to help the evening go with a swing, the Palms created a special SF cocktail; a green, glowing secret blend based on lychees.

As the editorial team mingled with the mob we displayed a show of the artwork from the magazine, accompanied by the music of mutli-talented Alex Storer, who also happened to illustrate one of the stories.

So a big thank you to the all those who contributed to the evening; a big thank you to the sound team (Simon Toner and Andrew Chidwick) who also manned the merchandise table, and a thanks to Zoe and the Palms for their hospitality. And a big hug and a massive thankyou to those who came to support us, enjoy the evening and buy the magazine. This is why we’re doing it after all: to create a place for readers to find  emerging SF writers and artists and provide a means to support their endeavours.

A terrific way to launch Shoreline of Infinity.

More photos and video to come.