Just One Day To Publish MILK

At 10pm GMT tomorrow night our campaign comes to an end and we’ll know whether MILK will see the light of day. There are a few pledges still trickling in but we need a boost to get there.

Blast Off!

If you can and you are keen to get your hands on this wonderful book, consider adding a few quid to your pledge. You can update these. If we all put in a few pounds more, we could push it near enough the line to encourage the faint hearts who are thinking, “Will I or won’t I?”

A Last Minute Ponder

We also still have a couple of pages of original art on offer. So maybe you might want to upgrade to get one of those?

Dusk of the Dead

Alternatively twist a few arms and get your pals on here supporting MILK. There’s just a day to go and we can get there.

Our Kickstarter for MILK – Pledge Here.
Mark Toner

Art Director