Kickstarting MILK, by comic artist Stref

We are Kickstarting a graphic novel by comic artist Stref, also known as Peter Pan artist Stephen White.

Stevie has produced a wonderful new edition of his showcase anthology MILK. It is gorgeously illustrated in a wide range of SF art styles and the stories are fresh and original, just the way you would want your carton of MILK.

We need to raise £2000 on Kickstarter to pay for the printing and distribution of MILK, and to pay Stevie for his work. You can either preorder the book at £15 plus postage or just pledge a pound to help the project go. The important thing is that we need all of our supporters to get onto Kickstarter on the first day of the campaign and pledge there and then. This alerts Kickstarter’s algorithms that there is a popular project and that will get us advertised to Kickstarter regulars looking for comic books to support. This will make the difference and get us over that £2000 target.

The launch day was 5th November and the campaign runs until 3rd December

Come to and pledge to support MILK and help us get Stevie’s book published.”

Mark Toner
Co-founder & Art Director
Shoreline of Infinity