Launching the Elements of Time


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We had to have a launch. Duncan wanted it in his home Troon, and that was fine by us. Now, we’ve been running successful Event Horizons for over a year in Edinburgh. An Event Horizon, or more formerly Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon, are monthly science fiction mini festivals we host in in the Blind Poet.  A mix of music, readings, films, talks – anything science fictiony we can throw at an enthusiastic audience, it’s an ideal platform for a book launch.
Then Duncan declared that he’d persuaded Sydney Jordan to join us for the evening. We were set.

Duncan had laid the ground work around Troon, publicising the event in the local press, leafleting, and telling everyone about it, so we had a good crowd in the upstairs room of the RSAS Club.

Duncan had invited some great local talent to play on the night and they each provided some great songs – thanks Stewart Horn, Alistair Milton and Paul Brunton, hope to hear you again.

The launch of the Elements of Time was a good excuse to give the Shoreline of Infinity house band – Painted Ocean – an airing. The core Painted Ocean is me and Art Director Mark Toner and we performed a small set of our science fiction songs. Russell Jones, our Deputy Editor/Poetry Editor, was the MC for the evening, and did a great job. Russell performed  a short set of his own poems to great applause.

Look; it is a book launch. We wanted to show off Duncan’s book, so we took every opportunity to tell folk about the book. And all through the entertainment Duncan and Sydney sat at a table signing books and chatting away. A bonny sight. And thanks to Ann Toner for ‘volunteering’ to handle the merch table and cope with folk throwing money at her.

Finally, the main act. Duncan has been a great fan of Sydney’s since he was a young lad, so they had a high old time reminiscing and telling stories, prompted by Duncan’s slideshow of Sydney’s comic strips through the years. In one Jeff Hawke strip Sydney predicted the moon landing date to two weeks – 10 years before the event. Before getting involved in this project I was not fully aware of Jeff Hawke – a bit before my time. Now I’m a convert and off to read more. And Duncan did spend some time talking about his book at the end, but by that time everyone had their noses in their own copies reading the stories.

It was good to meet Linda Lunan after years of exchanging email, and it was a real pleasure to meet Sydney Jordan and to meet Jan, his brilliant wife.
Thanks to all who came for making it a successful night.

—Noel Chidwick, Editor-in-Chief, Shoreline of Infinity

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With Time Comes Concord, illustration by Sydnet JordanBefore the Elements of Time

We’ve been fans of Duncan Lunan for many years, here at the Shoreline Tavern. He’s a science writer, broadcaster, astronomer, and science fiction writer. He also reviews science fiction for Shoreline of Infinity and for other publications. Duncan is also the first person in the UK to design and build a working Stone Circle in 3,500 years (although helicopters and a team of digging volunteers also helped). So when he contacted us to see if we were interested in publishing a collection of his time-travel stories, “yes please,” was the only sensible reply.

Gary Gibson had published some of the stories in ebook format under the title With Time Comes Concord and Other Stories, but Duncan provided us with the full set of his time-travel stories and the collection was called The Elements of Time.

Duncan said he had an illustrator in mind – is that okay? He asked. It’s Sydney Jordan – the creator of the world’s longest running science fiction comic strip, Jeff Hawke. Couldn’t have asked for better.

 We’re now the proud publisher of The Elements of Time – a fine collection of time travel stories, written by Duncan Lunan lovingly illustrated by Sydney Jordan, and available in paperback for £10 or ebook for £3.99.