Moon – 2018 Flash Fiction Competition – The Fab Four

For a’ that and a’ that
The Moon’s a moon for a’ that

—Badly misquoted Robert Burns

Robert Burns was possibly a prolific writer of flash fiction science fiction stories, so today is a good day for announcing our results.

The wise old judges of Shoreline of Infinity have poured* over the manuscripts, burning many a tallow candle long into the night.

And we declare:

La Loba by Vicki Jarrett 

as the winning story for Shoreline of Infinity’s 2018 Flash Fiction Competition.

Tumultuous whoops for Vicki, please!

As the final glow of the last candle faded in the morning light we realised we could not separate these three stories even with the aid of a long chain mono-molecular thread, so we declare not two but three runners-up! Many cheering please for (in story alphabetical order):

Rabbit by Alyssa Eckles
superfine by Eris Young
The Winners by Emma Levin


Those four stories will be published in Shoreline of Infinity 14 in March, and the winning story, La Loba will be read live at the Event Horizon on 14th March.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Watch out for our next Flash fiction competition in the summer.


—Noel Chidwick
Burns Night 2018


*Much black coffee was spilt