Please welcome to the stage… Ru Pringle and T H Dray

The plan is to post new readings here on Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon Online every Thursday night. I see it is 11.45pm, so I’ve just made it. That’s my Lockdown commitment.

We’ve got a fantastic pair tonight.

Ru Pringle is a writer based in Dunoon, and he was recommended to me by Ken MacLeod. And I’m so pleased he did. I’m thoroughly enjoying his book October Song, so I am delighted Ru agreed to do a short reading from that very book. And what a knock-out read it is. You should visit his website and find out what an all-round talent he is – musician, writer, graphic designer, photographer, and he has a chainsaw licence. I bet he knits his own spaghetti too.

Glasgow based T H Dray gives a spirited reading of her poem The Worms of Talav, and she wins tonight’s first prize for product placement. It has not gone unnoticed that she has a copy of Shoreline of Infinity 1 propped up on a shelf behind her. She will go far.

Her poem is published in a great wee anthology called Flotation Device, edited by EM Faulds and published by the legendary Glasgow Science Fiction Writers’ Circle. The stories are contributed by the members, and proceeds are to go to COVID-19 charities. I gather Captain Tom Moore will be reading a copy on his next lap of the garden.

Any road, it’s now 11.55. I’m going to stop writing, let you watch. Click on this line here:

Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon Online welcomes Ru Pringle and T H Dray…

—Noel Chidwick, Editor-in-Chief, Shoreline of Infinity.