Posts Grid

Posts Grid

This addon helps you build a multi-column grid of posts or custom post types. The posts displayed are filterable by taxonomy terms.

Advanced Features for PRO Version

  • 6 different styles to present your blog posts or any custom post type and 7 different styles for the header.
  • Advanced AJAX based category or custom taxonomy filters. The filter list is super responsive – changes from horizontal to dropdown list as the device width is reduced.
  • AJAX pagination support with ability to seamlessly handle large number of pages.
  • Load more and Next Prev navigation available as other modes for AJAX based posts navigation.
  • Built-in cache for performance of filtering, pagination, load more.
  • Help users navigate the entire collection of blog posts or custom post types and their categories without reloading the page.
  • customization options – decide on what you want user to see.

Masonry Blog

Binti Trilogy By Nnedi Okorafor

By Samantha Dolan 14th October 2019 No Comments
Binti Trilogy Binti Binti: Home Binti: The Night Masquerade By Nnedi Okorafor TOR 2015/2017/2018 Reviewed By Samantha Dolan. When a series is a Hugo and Nebula award winner, expectations are set. When the blurbs are written by Neil Gaiman, Veronica Roth and juggernaut Ursula K. LeGuin, your interest is well…

Event Horizon 10th October 2019

By Noel Chidwick 22nd September 2019 No Comments
Shoreline of Infinity's Event Horizon Two Launches in One Night! Oh, how we spoil you...: Prose: Jonathan Whitelaw - launching The Man in the Dark 
Reading from Shoreline of Infinity 16: Debbie Cannon 
Poetry: Laura Watt
s Stunning Words: Andrew J Wilson 
MC and bad, bad jokes: Russell Jones Rap and…

Thin Air – Richard Morgan

By Samantha Dolan 9th September 2019 No Comments
Thin Air - Richard Morgan, Gollancz 544 pages Reviewed by Joe Gordon Welcome to Mars, soak. For the first time in several years, and the first time since the well-received Netflix adaptation of his debut Altered Carbon, Richard Morgan returns to science fiction and, I am glad to report, delivers…

Apocalypse Nyx – Kameron Hurley

By Samantha Dolan 2nd September 2019 No Comments
Apocalypse Nyx Kameron Hurley Tachyon 283 pages Review by Callum McSorley   Welcome to the Wild East! The border towns of Nasheen, near the front of a never-ending war with neighbouring Chenja, are lawless places home to smugglers, organ harvesters, and murderers. Nyx, a former soldier and elite government assassin…