A Practical Guide to the Resurrected

Medicine is advancing at a breakneck pace. Genome editing, lab-grown organs and advanced bionics are all on the horizon – our lives are going to change dramatically. We’ll live longer, be healthier, and become godlike. Or some of us will, anyway.

Through a series of short stories, this anthology looks at the medical frontier and our future. What happens to society when the dead can be brought back to life? When big pharmacutical companies create illnesses as well as cures? When a chip in your brain can take away depression for good? Will it make us better?

Stories by

Seth Marlin
Adam Roberts
Krishan Coupland
Christine Procter
Michael F Russell
Marija Smits
Suzanne Hodsden
EA Fow
Matthew Castle
Hazel Compton
Peter McCune
Maija Haavisto
Okaimame Oyakhirome
Sam Meekings

Edited by Gavin Miller and  Anna McFarlane

paperback, 198 pages