Ace Doubles by Eric Brown

Ed Bentley’s wife has left him and he’s been dropped by his publisher. Still, it’s not the end of the world. All he has to do is ghost-write a science-fiction novel for Tuppy Cotton, a YouTuber young enough to be his daughter… When Ed uncovers an unearthly mystery at Tuppy’s Yorkshire retreat, everything changes. The world might not be ending, but it will be turned upside down.

Ace Doubles is Eric Brown’s dazzling and moving tribute to his heroes: the writers who captured his imagination in his youth, inspiring him to become an award- winning author; and the ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

With Ace Doubles, Eric Brown has crafted a meticulously evocative story of an ageing author who believes he’s reached the end of his career. His eerie path to redemption is both poignant and mysterious enough to involve the reader right to the very last line.


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“They say science fiction ain’t what it used to be. They’re wrong. While Eric Brown is around, there will always be stories that pay homage to the SF traditions but bring a contemporary sensibility to the genre as well.

His writing is elegant, elegiac and evocative, and proves that true style never goes out of date.”

—James Lovegrove

Eric Brown has won the British Science Fiction Award twice for his short stories, and his novel Helix Wars was shortlisted for the 2012 Philip K. Dick award. He has published eighty books, and his latest include The Martian Menace and Murder By Numbers. He and lives in Cockburnspath, Scotland.

This is the first of a new series of novellas called The Stone Owl Stories, edited by Andrew J. Wilson.