Book Launch: Umbrellas of Edinburgh

Thursday 19th November 2020 (8-8:30pm UK time)

Join editors Claire Askew and Russell Jones at the launch of a new edition of Umbrellas of Edinburgh, where they explore Scotland’s capital city through contemporary poetry and prose.

Live readings by:

Alice Tarbuck

Finola Scott

Ricky Brown

Lady Red Ego

Marjorie Lotfi Gill

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Scotland’s capital city has inspired artists, writers and
musicians around the world. Its long literary history is
etched into its bricks, trodden into its cobbled streets,
heard through its winding alleys and cast into its iconic

This landmark anthology showcases Edinburgh in the
modern day, with poems and short stories inspired by its
renowned and lesser-known locations.

It contains pieces
from more than eighty contemporary writers, including
Jane Yolen, Harry Josephine Giles, Marjorie Lotfi Gill,
James Gao, Christine De Luca, Andy Jackson, Bashabi
Fraser, Hamish Whyte, Janette Ayachi, Miriam Gamble,
Ryan Van Winkle, Snigdha Koirala and Colin Will.

This is a collection that celebrates the diversity of
Edinburgh and the city’s enduring inspiration for visitors
and locals alike. Take it on a walk and see this iconic city
through new eyes…

Umbrellas of Edinburgh’s new edition includes poetry and prose by 80 writers, with new maps, cover art and poems. RRP: £12 (Special price for pre-orders: £9.50, available until midnight, 19th November).

Umbrellas of Edinburgh, the revised edition, is published by Shoreline of Infinity