Book Launch: Uncanny Bodies

8pm, Thursday 12th November 2020

Launch of ‘Uncanny Bodies’ anthology – readings of stories, poems and essays celebrating the uncanny.

Featuring readings of stories and poems from contributors

Pippa Goldschmidt (MC)
Christine De Luca
Neil Williamson
Alice Tarbuck
Sara Wasson
Eris Young
Naomi Salman
nicky melville

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Join us to launch the anthology ‘Uncanny Bodies’, published by Luna Press and edited by Pippa Goldschmidt, Gill Haddow and Fadhila Mazanderani.

One hundred years ago Sigmund Freud defined the uncanny as ‘not the strange but the familiar become strange’. In this anthology of specially commissioned new work from a range of short story writers, poets and academics, the uncanny is a place where you feel at home – until home turns against you.

The uncanny alienates your own body from you through medical advances, the ‘uncanny valley’ is a landscape populated by robots.

The uncanny simultaneously draws us in as it repels us. What gives it such power? Come and find out!

Uncanny Bodies is published by and available from Luna Press Publishing

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