Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon 48

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Science Fiction and Fantasy

Hosted by Laura Lam
Stories – Cat Hellisen
Poetry – Jeda Pearl Lewis
Music – Aurora Engine
Drama – Witches’ Gets 
with Alex Delaney,
written by Noëlle Harrison
Stories – Pim Wangtechawat
& Sienna Vanc

Thursday 12th March 2020, 7.30pm, Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

Cover for Shoreline of Infinity 17Ticket includes £2 discount off Shoreline of Infinity


We’ve moved!

From March we will now be running Event Horizon at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar.  Much though we love Frankenstein’s, this move means we have much better accessibility – the door is straight off the courtyard. And the lighting and sound are much better, and the stage and layout means we can be even more versatile with our performers.

For our first show we celebrate International Women’s Day with a great line-up.

We’ll have the ever enthralling Shoreline Raffle, a Merch table groaning with goodies including the very latest Shoreline of Infinity 17.

And yes, we are charging a small entry fee from now on, but that does include £2 off any issue of Shoreline of Infinity, including the latest.

And if you are finding yourself on hard times, we do offer free entry for low earners.

Tonight’s Line-up

Writer and Educator Laura Lam will be our host for the evening

Cat Hellisen, will be thrilling us with her stories

There’ll be poetry from Jeda Pearl

We’ll be entertained with an extract from Sell-out show Witches’ Gets performed by Alex Delaney, and written by Noëlle Harrison

Pim Wangtechawat & Sienna Vance will be delighting us all with their works

and music will be provided by the terrific, Event Horizon favourite, Aurora Engine.