In conversation: Nailah King and Chimedum Ohaegbu

Surveillancing the Future

A chat about sci-fi technologies, surveillance, the bias and discrimination of technologies with Nailah King and Chimedum Ohaegbu

This event is now in the past, but you can watch it at: In conversation: Nailah King and Chimedum Ohaegbu

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Nailah King is a writer whose work explores racism, discrimination, identity and her Caribbean heritage. She was the co-editor of Room Magazine’s first Women of Colour issue. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Feels Zine, GUTS Magazine, The Humber Literary Review, Transition Magazine and This Magazine. She is a Canadian writer living in Edinburgh. 

Chimedum Ohaegbu attends UBC in pursuit of hummingbirds and an English literature/creative writing degree. She’s Uncanny Magazine’s managing editor, and her fiction debut was longlisted for the Nommo Award. Her work is in Strange Horizons and The /tƐmz/ Review, among others. Find her at or @chimedumoheagbu.