MILK by Stref

“So what is MILK? It’s not really a graphic novel, as it is comprised of a collection of short stories but it’s not really an anthology either. I see it as a concept book myself, and it’s the kind of art project that I’m happy to leave open to interpretation. The aim of the book is to (hopefully) make you laugh, and make you think.”

—Stref, creator of MILK

 “Coming from a virtually unknown artrist, MILK contains some of the most beautiful, expressive art that I’ve seen in a long time. It deserves to be a huge commercial success.”

—Alan Grant

A4, paperback, full colour,  Sturdy glossy cover,  64 high quality glossy pages. Good to hold.


“The artwork is clear, dynamic and oozes emotion from every pore. The strips are confidently written, often containing a Futureshock-style twist at the end.”
—David Hailwood,

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