Shoreline of Infinity 22

New stories from: Eric Brown, John J Kennedy, Haruka Mugihara, Marc A. Criley, Konstantina Scott-Barrett Braoudaki

SF poetry from: Maija Haavisto

Space Opera: To Boldly Go Where No Man Wanted To: Samantha Dolan

Art: Jackie Duckworth, Emily Simeoni and cover art by Tsu

This issue is published in digital formats: PDF, Kindle and ePub


In Shoreline of Infinity 22

As usual we have a great mix of stories and poems, this time by writers from Scotland, England, Finland, Japan and USA.

We have a piece on Space Opera by Samantha Dolan, moonlighting from her day job as Reviews Editor, and we feature Eric Brown in ‘Back Story’. Eric talks about the inspiration for his new novella Ace Doubles, from which we extracted Chapter One for you here.

The Contents

The Sentinel Falls – John J Kennedy

Boy or Girl? – Haruka Mugihara, translated by Toshiya Kamei

Crossed Paws – Marc A . Criley

One Small Victory –  Konstantina Scott-Barrett Braoudaki

Quadrillion Vigintillion, Ink blue – Maija Haavisto

Space Opera: To Boldly Go Where No Man Wanted To – Samantha Dolan

Reviews: The Breach by MT Hill and  The X-Men and the Avengers Gamma Quest, by Greg Cox.

Ace Doubles (Chapter One) – Eric Brown

Back Story – Ace Doubles by Eric Brown

And with thanks to Luna Press and Barrie Condon for supporting this issue.