Shoreline of Infinity 28

Disabled and neurodivergent people’s issue

New stories from Callum Dougan, Ely Percy, M. Shaw, Scott Talbot Evans, Louise Hughes, This Strange Dreamer
Poetry from A. P. Slevin, Elspeth Wilson, Amy Rosenfield-Kass
Kaitlin Pradhan talks Superheroes
Guest Editor: Jo Ross-Barrett

Now available in paperback format!

This issue is published in digital format: PDF, Kindle and ePub. The paperback edition includes free access to the digital formats



In Shoreline of Infinity 28

Guest Editor: Jo Ross-Barrett

“Welcome to the disabled and/or neurodivergent people’s edition of Shoreline of Infinity! I know that name is a little long, but I really wanted to make it clear from the beginning that this edition is ours.”

New Stories: 

Callum Dougan — How Yer Glaikit Gran Beat Back The Beat
Ely Percy — The Alien Invasion
Louise Hughes — Relay
M. Shaw — The Apology
Scott Talbot Evans — Glue Guns in Paradise
This Strange Dreamer — A Burden Eased


A. P. Slevin — I Landed Here
Amy Rosenfield-Kass — The Meeting of the Martians
Elspeth Wilson — In Sims, capitalism doesn’t mean we all end up dead
Kaitlin Pradhan – Superheroes
Cover Artwork:
Cameron Ax

Glue Guns in Paradise

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