Shoreline of Infinity Event Horizon - Celebrating Women in Sci-Fi

7.30pm Thursday 31st March 2022

A stompingly cracking line-up tonight: Music from Krow; prose from ZK Abraham, Rhiannon A Grist, TH Dray; poetry from Clementine E  Burnley and a specially produced film-drama – Star Cuddie – with Debbie Cannon and  introduced by Kirsty Vance

Your MC for this evening – Lyndsey Croal

Join us at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh. Also live online via Youtube (no ticket required for the livestream, but buying a ticket as a donation would be ace!)

Tickets: £0/£5/£10 or pay what you can


– Seven women playing New Industrial Metal. With commitment. “Where’s the drums?” you ask… They are two women; two sets of sample pads; two Floor Toms, one Snare and 10 metric tonnes of attitude. 

The rest is as you’d imagine: Keys, five string Bass, vicious Guitar and a mad Banshee screaming back at hell… killer harmonies, too. All pretty standard, really.

Z. K. Abraham (she/her) is a writer and psychiatrist. She recently completed a Master’s in Creative Writing with distinction from the University of Edinburgh. She has been published in FANTASY Magazine, The RumpusApparition Lit, and more. She writes reviews for Spectrum Culture and is in SFWA. She explores psychological themes within speculative fiction. She can be found on Twitter @pegasusunder1 and

Rhiannon A Grist (she/her) is a Welsh writer of Weird, Speculative and Dark fiction, living in Edinburgh. Her work has featured in Shoreline of InfinityGutterMonstrous Regiment Literary MagazineThree Crows Magazine and The Best of British Science Fiction. Her novella The Queen of the High Fields is now available from Luna Press.

TH Dray is a writer whose work has appeared in BFS Horizons and in the charity anthology Flotation Device. She is a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers’ Circle, is a founding member of Edinburgh SFF Writers, and has acted as a judge for the British Fantasy Awards. She lives in Glasgow with five Staffordshire Bull Terriers and one bearded dragon.

Clementine E  Burnley  is a feminist migrant mother, writer, and community organiser. She lives in Edinburgh. Her work has appeared or is upcoming in Magma,  the Poetry Review, and The Centifictionist. She’s a 2021 Sky Arts Award Winner, an alumnus of Obsidian Foundation, and a 2021 Edwin Morgan Second Life Grantee. Social media: twitter @decolonialheart, or IG @Ewokila

Star Cuddie, a piece about Williamina Fleming who was a computer at the Harvard Observatory and discovered the Horsehead Nebula. Directed by Jennifer McGregor and assistant director Kirsty Vance. Performed by Debbie Cannon.

Kirsty Vance is a 34 year old up-and-coming filmmaker living in Edinburgh. With experience both behind and in-front of the camera, Kirsty graduated with an HND in Acting and Performance from Fife College in June 2021, and is currently studying Film and Media at Queen Margaret University. She has recently worked on projects including Run, Out to Kill, The Priesthood, and a forthcoming horror feature film shot here in Scotland. 

Debbie Cannon is an actor and writer. She has written, performed and produced two one-woman shows, the award-winning Green Knight, and The Remarkable Deliverances of Alice Thornton. She is currently one of the playwrights being supported through Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland’s 2022 playwright mentoring scheme. You can find out more about her work at

 Lyndsey is an Edinburgh-based writer of speculative and strange fiction. She is a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Awardee, and her work has been published in several anthologies and magazines, including Mslexia’s Best Women’s Short Fiction 2021. In 2021, her debut audio drama was produced by the Alternative Stories & Fake Realities podcast, and she is currently editing Ghostlore: An Audio Fiction Anthology, with the same podcast. She’s represented by Robbie Guillory at Underline Literary Agency. Find her on Twitter as @writerlynds or via