Scotland in Space

Take a bunch of science fiction writers, scientists, humanists and artists, and throw them into a room. Give them a whiteboard, a pile of sandwiches and a pot of coffee. Let’s see what happens.

The folk in question were broken into three teams, and each team worked in a different theme. They were:

Scotland and Mars

  • Pippa Goldschmidt
  • Alastair Bruce

  • Sean McMahon

  • Elsa Bouet

Fringe in Space

  • Laura Lam

  • Beth Biller
  • Tacye Phillipson

Scotland at the end of the Universe

  • Russell Jones

  • Catherine Heymans
Matjaz Vidmar
With artists Sara J Campbell and Andrew Bastow interpreting their thoughts. 

Shoreline’s Summer Project was to work with the editors, Deborah Scott and Simon Malpas, and package up the stories, essays and artwork – and create a publication worthy of their work. The Edinburgh Futures Institute provided funding, and the budget stretched to publishing in colour throughout. My goodness.

Reading through, as I was laying out the pages, I was struck how lyrical all the pieces are, from scientist and writer alike. And as usual, I was in awe at the artwork from Sara J Campbell. I say as usual, as Sara worked on the early Shorelines, including the bright and delicious covers for Shorelines 2 to 5 inclusive. 

 As a pair of bookends, Ken MacLeod graced us with a foreword and Colin McInnes crafted an afterword: both pieces appropriately praising the role Scotland has in the future of space industry and exploration. As Ken would have it, of course the engineer on Starship Enterprise is Scottish. Colin, with his work on solar sails and other concepts, looks up briefly from his equations and nods in agreement.

Scotland in Space Launches

Scotland in Space will be launched officially on 5th November at Edinburgh University, 6.30pm to 8pm. Free, but ticketed. Tickets from Eventbrite.

And Scotland in Space will be celebrated at Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon on 14th November with a full evening of Scotland and Mars doings – Free! 

Details at Scotland in Space Event Horizon.


Scotland in Space is available here for pre-order until 7th November at the reduced price of £10 for the paperback edition. 

“Scotland in Space presents dialogues that imagine and explore Scotland’s space futures. In each of the book’s sections, a science fiction story is accompanied by essays responding to the ideas evoked, to produce cross-disciplinary discussions about how contemporary developments in Scottish space science and industry might shape our futures.”

The team of Scotland in Space contributors.