Shoreline of Infinity 18 out now – spotlight on BAME science fiction

It has been a tough few months, but the work by the Shoreline team has borne fruit – Shoreline of Infinity 18 is released, and is available now in paperback, ePub, Kindle, PDF and ePub3 formats. Head to Shoreline of Infinity 18 and order your copy immediately.

Can I give a massive shout out to Tendai Huchu and Raman Mundair who guest edited this issue and allowed us to shine a spotlight on BAME science fiction. Tendai and Raman did a terrific job, working their way through the submissions of stories and poems, and they’ve turned up some real gems here.

We’ve got stories from some superlative BAME writers from all over the world – Feng Gooi, Tobi Ogundiran, Prashanth Srivatsa, K.M. McKenzie, Asith Pallemulla, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, Zen Cho – some you’ll know, others will be new. to you. But Tendai was really excited by Asith Pallemulla who sent us a thrilling story called ‘The Digital Man.’ Tendai was thoroughly impressed with the story, and even more so when he found out that Asith is from Sri Lanka, and is only eighteen.

Asith further impressed us by joining us live for the launch of Shoreline of Infinity 18, and read the first few pages of his story. You can watch Asith reading on Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon Online Live! You will also enjoy readings from some of the other writers and poets who appear in Shoreline of Infinity 18.

Raman pulled out a trio of poets for us to enjoy – Jeda Pearl, Mandisi Nkomo, Robert René Galván. Robert joined us from New York to read at Event Horizon Online.

Start of Odette by Zen Cho, in Shoreline of Infinity 18


Further highlights in issue 18

– we have an excellent summary of Japanese science fiction from members of Babel Uo a translation club of SF/F fans. As they explain:

“through translation and criticism, we introduce English-language SF/F short stories to a Japanese audience.”

Many thanks to members: Atsushi Naito, Chiho Karafune, Hisashi Kujirai, Reisen Kawabata, Nao Hirami, Shinkyo Fujikawa, and Makoto Shirakawa

Hopefully we can work with them on future projects.

Our good friends at Luna Press gave us permission to reprint an extract from The Dangers of Expectation in African Speculative Fiction, by Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso, published in The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction, edited by Francesca T Barbini. You should treat yourself (after you’ve bought Shoreline of Infinity 18, of course).

There’s a fine collection of book reviews – this issue we’ve extended the digital issues to allow us to publish all the reviews we wanted to publish.

And finally, Tendai and Raman are in conversation about life as as BAME writer, and also reflecting on the process of selecting stories and poems for a magazine. Tendai also talks about that in the video of his wee talk in the Event Horizon to launch this issue. If you’re lucky, I’ve attached the clip to this piece.

And there’s some delightful artwork to accompany the stories, including pieces by writer/artist/skater Cat Hellisen.

This achievement means so much considering all that has happened in the last six months with the effects of the coronavirus on health and society. In the aftermath of the appalling killing of George Floyd, we are watching news and social media reports from the USA, and as I type I have no idea what the world is going to be like when you are reading this.

As the clouds gather perhaps Shoreline of Infinity 18 can be a tiny beacon for the creative spirit of the human race.

Ok, that’s too much from me. If you haven’t stopped reading this, now you have to, and treat yourself to Shoreline of Infinity 18.

—Noel Chidwick
Shoreline of Infinity

Tendai Huchu launches Shoreline of Infinity 18

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