Shoreline of Infinity 2 available now

The glorious coverIssue 2 is now available in print and digital editions – you can collect your copy here.

It’s a bumper issue featuring new science fiction stories from writers from all over the world.

Stories are:

Last Days in the Nanotech War —Duncan Lunan

“We Sell Seashells” —Ryan L Daly

Citizen Erased —Bethany Ruth Anderson

Charlie, A Projecting Prestidigitator —Megan Neumann

Purgatory —Michael Fontana

Death Do Us Part —Tyler Petty

Reliquaries —Steve Simpson

Vanity —Kathy Steinemann

The Republic of David —Anton Rose

A Season of Want —Ken Poyner

The Child with Wings —Ann Craig

In this issue we start our new science fiction poetry section, MultiVerse, featuring poems by Iain Banks and Ken MacLeod.

Also: Paul F Cockburn interviews Duncan Lunan, columnist Steve Green talks about originality in films, and we have reviews of recent and forthcoming science fiction books. We also include specially commissioned artwork for all the stories.


Poems —Iain Banks and Ken MacLeod Review: Russell Jones

Gene Mapper —Taiyo Fujii Review: Iain Maloney

Lie of the Land —Michael F. Russell Review: Ian Hunter

The Promise of the Child — Tom Toner Review: Duncan Lunan

Swords Versus Tanks —M. Harold Page Review: Elsa Bouet

I Am Because You Are —Pippa Goldschmidt, Tania Hershman (editors) Review: Iain Maloney.

You can order your copy from: Shoreline of Infinity 2