Shoreline of Infinity 27 hits the virtual shelves

We have a great range of stories this issue. Callum McSorely takes us deep under the Antarctic ice to explore strange worlds and a murder; Jo Ross-Barrett introduces us to a neurodivergent AI; Jack Schouten presents a futuristic body-swapping take on the King’s Shilling; and RV Neville’s first published story features a washing machine interrogation by an alien visitor. Christopher Collingwood brings maths to poetry: 

My parents injected me with math
when I was three –
for safety against the numbers;
the equations that didn’t add up
for a generation, ‘Quotient Free’ as they
called it, a vaccine offering immunity
against a lifetime of even chances.

Meanwhile, Alex Storer takes us on a guided tour of the Museum of Classic Sci-Fi – Daleks are involved. Plus, meet the Cover Creator Mike Holzinger as he flies through an imagined Universe.

Featuring stunning artwork by Stephen Daly and Andrew Owens.

You can join them by downloading your own digital copy of Shoreline of Infinity 27 here.