Shoreline of Infinity 8 Science fiction magazine – available for pre-order

Shoreline of Infinity 8 cover

Shoreline of Infinity 8 science fiction magazine is due out on 15th June, but you can pre-order it now and show it a little love and tenderness. In return – and for a discount – you will get:

Stories by Eric Brown, Jeannette Ng, Nathan Susnik, Laura Duerr, Barry Charman, Premee Mohamed, Michael Teasdale and Chris Kelso.

SF Poetry by Lauren Harwyn, Louise Peterkin, Colin McGuire.

An inspiring column by Ruth EJ Booth, an interview with Chris Kelso, a new Beachcomber comic, and book reviews.

Plus, we announce a new flash-fiction story competition for readers.

Pre-order the print or digital edition this very moment by clicking anywhere you like on this sentence.

Enjoy a teasing riffle through the proof copy of Shoreline of Infinity 8.