Shoreline of Infinity Artists to Draw a Crowd with a new Science Fiction Exhibition

Tales from the Shoreline of Infinity

Science Fiction Exhibition, Yellow Door Gallery, Queen Street, Dumfries.

2nd – 17th February 2018

Scheduled for the evening of 2nd  February 2018, the preview night for the science fiction exhibition “Tales from the Shoreline of Infinity” at the Yellow Door Gallery, Queen Street, Dumfries, looks set to be something quite different. Not only will it be a  chance to look at some new and imaginative art, well penned comic strips and classic science fiction movie clips, but also on show will be an innovative computer generated movie, story teller Jane Edmiston and even a little sci-fi theatre.

The gallery doors open at 6.30pm, so make sure you set your space ship’s coordinates to land you at 16 Queen Street, in time to have a look at the exhibits and nibble a canapé before the fun starts. Keep your eye open for drawings, paintings and constructions by Mark Toner, Steve Pickering and other artists from the now famous Scottish Sci Fi publication Shoreline of Infinity.

The exhibition runs until 17th  February, so if a meteor shower prevents you from attending the preview night, make sure you call in and see the exhibition at some point during its run. Mark Toner and Steve Pickering will also be in the gallery, offering workshops on sci-fi art during the mornings of 3rd, 10th  and 17th  February, so call in and meet the artists in person.