Shoreline of Infinity awarded funding from Creative Scotland

We are very pleased to announce that the we were successful in a bid for funding for 2022 from Creative Scotland.

What does this mean? This is the summary from our funding application:

“Shoreline of Infinity Group (SoIG) is a cooperative group for creatives who produce science fiction. Since 2015 we have run events (over 70 to date), published regular magazines (29 to date), literary anthologies (10 to date) and individual collections (6 to date). We have also worked with creative individuals and organisations, helping them to be involved with, and develop, artistic projects.

“Scotland-based science fiction creatives need support, both to help them develop and also to grow their readership and audiences. Shoreline of Infinity is in a good place to provide support, based on our years of experience and ideas.

“We will provide an online hub for writers and other creatives to share experiences, work together to develop their stories to a publishable standard. We will encourage people with editorial skills to be involved too.

“We will further develop our website as our primary platform for published content in multiple formats. This will be available for free, as a showcase accessible worldwide. We will also continue to publish the Shoreline of Infinity magazine (in-print and e-pub), and we will also continue with our popular live events under the Event Horizon banner.”

We are still fleshing out the details, but essentially we can develop our inclusivity programme, increase our fees to our creative contributors in all creative forms (not just writers) and we can provide funding for our production team of editors and other posts (eg marketing, tech and admin support).

We will announce more details in the New Year.

Want to join us?

If you are interested in being involved in helping to develop our new model and want then tell us via the Contact form on our website.

Here’s to an exciting 2022!

—Noel Chidwick
Shoreline of Infinity