Shoreline of Infinity Event Horizon – Thursday 9th May 2019

A night of Fantasy in association with Aethor & Ichor

Words from

Ely Percy 

Callum McSorley

Simon K Brown

Sandra Whitnell

and featuring: 

Leigh Harlen from the USA


Music from

Mixed Signals


Special guest host – Eris Young

and the action-packed prize-filled tension-raising death-defying Shoreline Raffle*


7.30pm – to who knows when, THURSDAY 9th May 2019



[intense_blockquote color=”#fcf772″ font_color=”#5c5555″ border_color=”#6b6767″ border_radius=”10%” width=”33%”] “Shoreline of Infinity, we learned, are the go-to in Scotland for science fiction poetry, prose and performance.”
Just for Culture [/intense_blockquote]


 “Welcome fellow travellers, to our Event Horizon.
Rest your weary bones, we’re only just beginning.”