Shoreline of Infinity Flash Fiction Competition – The Shortlist

The judges went to work, and here are the results of their deliberations.

The top six are are follows (in alphabetical order of author). Well done everyone!


Story Title

Matthew Castle A Choice for the Golden Age
Laura Duerr The Quantum Window
SK Farrell Pauline and the Bahnians
Maria Haskins In The Rose Garden
Art Lasky A Modest Proposal
Marija Smits ATU334 The Wise

Thanks again to all those who contributed.

Just to remind you, the top three stories will be published in Shoreline of Infinity 10, due out next week on the 8th December, and available for pre-order.

The winner and two runners-up ( A gold and two silver, if you will) will be announced by the judges — Eric Brown and Pippa Goldschmidt — at our Event Horizon in Edinburgh on the 7th December .

Everyone welcome!