Shoreline of Infinity is Evolving…

Introducing the monthly Shoreline of Infinity Science Fiction Magazine.

From March 2021 we’ll be publishing a digital edition of Shoreline of Infinity every month, and in June and December we’ll be publishing a printed edition.


Award winning Shoreline of Infinity will become a monthly mini magazine, publishing two or three short stories, poetry, a non-fiction piece or two, book reviews, and artwork. This will be released in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats, available from our own website and other digital outlets. Shoreline of Infinity will be available as single issues or through a subscription.

To launch the new model, Shoreline of Infinity 20 our first issue in this format, will be available for free or pay-what-you-can. This will be released on the 7th March. 

Subsequent issues will be published on the 7th of each month at £2.70.


We will  publish print editions of Shoreline of Infinity in June and December, the Summer and Winter Specials. This will be around 160 pages in size, similar to Shoreline of Infinity 19, for example. (the digital editions are equivalent to about 50 pages).

This will feature new content, but also some selected content re-published from past and future monthly digital issues.


We are offering  subscription packages for Shoreline of Infinity monthly, Shoreline of Infinity Magazine print editions (The June and December ‘Specials’), and the complete package of print and digital issues.

This’ll start from April 2021. Current subscriptions are being honoured and incorporated into the new model.

Story submissions

This means we will be publishing more stories each year. We will be opening submissions windows regularly, so you will know in advance when we are looking for stories – get polishing that prose!

We are committed to finding and nurturing new SF, fantasy and speculative writers from Scotland and the rest of the world.

Story submission details are available from the Fiction Submissions page.


As we said, Shoreline of Infinity is evolving. That means that we will be exploring new ways to bring you science fiction stories and other items in new ways. We have started with Event Horizon online, so we are looking at ways to bring it all together in one tidy package. We figure that works best from a consistent platform that the monthly issue provides. And we want to bring as many people along as we can. 

The Pilot Issue Shoreline of Infinity 20

We’re releasing a pilot issue to test the waters at the Shoreline. This issue also marks International Women’s Day. As a thank you to our loyal readers, and also as a way to spread the word, we’re offering this issue for free or pay what you can. Tell your friends!

Shoreline of Infinity 20 is available now, free/pay what you can.