Shoreline of Infinity Issue 1 is now out

Shoreline of Infinity Issue 1 is available now

Shoreline of Infinity 1We feature brand new science fiction stories from writers from all over the world; we have an interview with Charles Stross; first in a regular column by Steve Green; a story competition; SF Caledonia, with a science fiction story from John Buchan—yup, that John Buchan, of The Thirty Nine Steps—and reviews of recently and to be published books—including The Annihilation Score by the aforementioned Charles Stross.

Plus, we have fantastic original artwork to accompany each story.

Shoreline of Infinity is available in digital format for Kindle and epub readers.

A print version will be ready shortly.


The Three Stages of Atsushi, Larry Ivkovich
The Spiral Moon, Alex Barr
Symbiosis, Colleen Anderson
See You Later, M Luke McDonell
The Brat and the Burly Qs, David Perlmutter
Approaching 43,000 Candles, Guy T Martland
Broken Glass, Joseph L Kellogg
TimeMachineStory, Richmond A Clements
Cleanup on Deck 7, Claire Simpson
Space, John Buchan

Story Competition
Interview: Charles Stross
Border Crossings—Steve Green
SF Caledonia—Paul F Cockburn
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