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Shoreline of Infinity Shifts Schedule to Seasonal

We experimented, we learned and we’re adjusting.

As of now, April 2022, we’re changing when and how Shoreline of Infinity Science Fiction Magazine is being published.

We’re returning to publishing four issues a year, but also publishing on the website. Here’s what’s happening:

Each issue will continue to be in paperback format with a shiny colour cover; it’ll be around 128 pages long with a black and white interior – as it has been from Issue 1.

Each issue will also be released in digital formats – PDF and ebook formats, (Kindle, Apple Books, ePub). These will be identical in content to the print edition, except with colour.

This will mean we are stopping the monthly digital issue as of now.

The March Digital issue has been absorbed into Issue 30, the Spring 2022 issue, merging it with content destined for the April issue.



In tandem with this change, we’re going to publish content from each issue on the website. Stories and other pieces will be released in the weeks after each issue is published. These pieces will be published on a regular schedule (weekly/fortnightly – there are still some things to decide!) The online magazine version will be readable on phones, tablets and big screens alike, and as accessible as possible.

Shoreline of Infinity Science Fiction Magazine will be published in the first weeks of March, June, September and December.

We’re starting with Issue 30, and that will be officially available on 7th April. You can pre-order it now.

Subscribers of print and digital editions will receive Shoreline of Infinity 30 as part of their ongoing subscription, and we’ll be in touch to confirm details.


As well as publishing content from the quarterly magazine, the online magazine will be a space for extra stories and other pieces.

Bringing the website into play as a publishing medium alongside our quarterly issue means we can have some more fun with video and audio, plus art and music – hypertext fiction anyone?

There’s a bonus prize for anyone who can create a coherent short story mixing all the media, including print.

In Issue 30 we’re continuing our experiments with QR codes to link printed pieces to the web. Lyndsey Croal recorded a video reading for us last year and we published that story in Issue 30.

So get in touch through the Contact form if you have a story that’ll work in ways other than linear text . Intrigue us…

At the core we will retain the print, PDF and ebook magazine, but thanks to Creative Scotland funding we can develop new ways of entertaining and inspiring our readers alongside. We are a science fiction magazine after all.

We hope you join us on the the journey – writers, creators and readers – as together, we explore the Shoreline of Infinity.

Noel Chidwick