Shoreline of Infinity’s Soundwave: Episode 1

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Welcome, Traveller, to this first proper episode of the Shoreline of Infinity podcast Soundwave.

In this opening episode we’ve got superior science fiction from across the art forms.

Our spoken word this week is linked by death and starlight.

We’ve got the haunting and poignant story The Starchitect, written by Barry Charmon and narrated by Sue Gyford.

That’s followed by some sci-fi poetry in the form of the deceptive Starscape by JS Watts, narrated by Debbie Cannon.

Sonic Space makes its debut, hosted by me, RJ Bayley, in which I’m interviewing the award winning author Anne Charnock.

We’re also rounding the episode off with some Japanese SF inspired music as we open the Nuclear Blast doors and listen to one of the giants of symphonic metal.

However you choose to listen to this episode, I hope you love it as much as I do. Probably won’t though, I put it together.

~ Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtext RJ Bayley

The Starchitect

Published in Shoreline of Infinity 8

Written by Barry Charman @BarryCharman

Narrated by Voxtect Sue Gyford @SueGyford


Published in Shoreline of Infinity 6

Written by JS Watts

Narrated by Verbis Curate Voxtect Debbie Cannon @DebsCa

 Sonic Space

Anne Charnock (pic: Marzena Pogorzaly)Produced and presented by RJ Bayley

Anne Charnock’s work can be found at @annecharnock

Crimson Bow and Arrow by Epica from the EP Epica vs. Attack on Titan Songs, courtesy of Nuclear Blast


Host, Writer, Producer – Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtext RJ Bayley @rjbayley

Producer – Overtect Noel Chidwick @noelchidwick

Music – Tunetect Alex Storer @theLightDreams

 Artwork – Illutect Mark Toner @tonertweets

Shoreline of Infinity

Twitter: @shoreinf


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