Shoreline Story Submissions Windows for 2021

Come enter our portal to the Heck, you know what we mean.

Submissions windows Opening Times

Our first window of 2021 is open now until 13th March!

Click here to submit your story.

For the rest of the year, we will be opening for submissions on these dates (all inclusive):

11th-13th April – General submissions

11th-13th May – Transgender, Nonbinary & gender-nonconforming writers’ edition submissions

11th-13th June – General submissions

11th – 13th July — Disabled and/or neurodivergent writers submission

14th June – 30th August – flash fiction competition (theme to be decided)

11th-13th September – General submissions

11th-13th October – General submissions

11th-13th November – General submissions

Not December, put look out for dates in 2022.

Special Guest Editors

Make a special note of the submissions windows in May and July. In the autumn we have invited two guest editors each to edit special editions of Shoreline of Infinity.

In September, we will be publishing an issue for LGBTQ writers edited by Eris Young

In November we will be publishing an issue for Disabled and/or neurodivergent writers edited by Jo Ross-Barrett. Jo has provided more details in Disabled and/or neurodivergent writers – send us your work!