Shoreline Writers on the BSFA Awards Longlist

We’re extremely pleased to announce that two of our writers, Ruth EJ Booth and Time Majors, have been nominated for the longlist of the British Science Fiction Association Awards – see BSFA Awards Longlist.

Ruth EJ Booth was nominated for her thought-provoking Shoreline of Infinity column Noise and Sparks. In October Ruth also won the best non-fiction prize at the British Fantasy Society’s awards. This gives us the excuse to republish the picture of Ruth just after she was awarded her trophy.

Tim Major is nominated for the latest in his Martian tales, A Crest of a Wave, which was published in Shoreline of Infinity 15. We’re delighted with this one too, as we’ve enjoyed watching Tim’s writing career grow. We’ve published three of his Martian tales; the other two appeared in Shoreline of Infinity 7 and Shoreline of Infinity 13. We have no picture of Tim, but you can imagine his delighted grin, especially as his novel, Snakeskins, was also nominated.

We’re also delighted to see Luna Press, our Edinburgh neighbours also receiving four nominations in the list.

Other Shoreline connections: Vicki Jarrett for her novel Always North. We interviewed and featured Vicki in Shoreline of Infinity 16.  Vicki also won our Flash fiction competition with her story La Loba, published in Shoreline of Infinity 14. We interview Chris Beckett, nominated for his novel Beneath the World, A Sea in Shoreline of Infinity 17, to be published on 24th January.

It’s a fine list all round – if you want to see the evidence of how healthy the British SF scene is at the moment, you can’t go wrong with a wander down the titles and the names. Congratulations to everyone listed.